Mr. Kiran Bhayani.
(Cell: +91 98203 39405)
Put forth the plan & founded the company in the year 1983. The founder of the above units & having his financial background looks after the commercial activities in details. With his thorough financial guidance the company has been able to manage the organization from the beginning and has put his entire effort in making the organization to a great success.

Mr. Paresh Bhayani.
(Cell: +91 98203 39406)
The person involved with the technical up gradation and bringing up of the technical aspects of the company. With his background on Chemical Engineering he has been able to upgrade the company from time to time in various new fields. For the past few years the company has made tremendous changes under his leadership and has been ventured to enter into new areas of marketing and development. He has often given the company a sharp edge in growing from time to time.

Mr. Milan Bhayani.
(Cell: +91 98203 39407)
The main person involved in market trading as well as product development for imports.